Emily and I were first introduced at the tender age of two, our common passion for dancing paving the way for an inseparable bond that lasted for years to come. As we honed our craft, the aspiration of turning it into a profession kept us going, dedicating ourselves to the art form with relentless determination.
However, the relentless nature of our passion took a toll on our bodies, the constant strain and stress of training manifesting in the form of ingrown toenails, and wreaking havoc on our bones - our hips, backs, and feet, all giving in to the pressure of our ambitions. Our bodies, unyielding to the typical ballerina mold, often created insurmountable hurdles that made excelling in dance an uphill battle.
Our journey thus far was a poignant study in the lives of young athletes, who spend their childhood dedicated to the pursuit of a sport, only to come face-to-face with the harsh realities of the physical and mental toll it takes. With these bittersweet reflections, I embarked on my photojournalism final project in the Winter of 2020, capturing the essence of our shared experiences, the struggle, and the passion that binds us together.
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