Hi there! I am Alayna Vance. My photography journey began in my freshman year of high school when I took it upon myself to improve the yearbook's photography. I devoted my summer to self-learning and quickly became fascinated by the art. My dedication paid off, and I became the photo editor that year. From then on, I knew that photography was my calling, and I recognized that pursuing higher education was my best chance at turning my passion into a successful career. I am inspired by the beauty of everyday life, a philosophy I learned from the Pixar movie, Soul. My approach to photography involves exploring and capturing subjects that are different from my lifestyle, which allows me to expand my personal horizons and learn more about others.
I enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and reading in my free time. Recently, I've been listening to music from Harry Styles, Tame Impala, and Labrinth on Spotify. Although she's camera-shy, my adorable Yorkie, Roo, brings me immense happiness. Lately, I've been exploring maximalism decorating, and fashion as a hobby. Yoga and daily mindfulness practice are also essential to my daily routine. I have a strong passion for trying new foods and visiting new places, which I attribute to my upbringing in Spring Hill, FL, where amusement parks were a staple. 
My passion for photography has led me to volunteer at Hernando County Animal Services since 2019. I serve as a volunteer photographer and run their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition, I work freelance as a photographer's assistant and a production assistant.
Please feel free to reach out!