In my freshman year of college, I completed an Intermediate Photography course that required a short-term project of our choosing. I was not only determined to cultivate my skills but to also bring attention to a rescue organization that was of great significance to our community, one that is equally imperative as those that cater to dogs and cats.
My involvement in this project was motivated by the noble and altruistic efforts of the rescue's directors, whom I have come to recognize as two of the most selfless individuals I have ever encountered. They tirelessly manage this sanctuary within the confines of their own home, and with their full-time occupations, the responsibility of caring for more than a hundred animals becomes nothing short of a Herculean feat. The majority of the volunteer team comprises their family, hence during the height of the pandemic shutdowns, I found solace and security in this environment.
I embarked on a curious journey from the onset of March to June 2020. Undoubtedly, this venture has imbued me with newfound knowledge and appreciation for the awe-inspiring creations that grace our planet. My experience at the rescue organization has left me with a deep-seated belief that with compassionate and selfless individuals such as those who run it, there is hope for the preservation of our planet's biodiversity.
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